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Sunday, April 29th, 2012 @ 7:33 pm

Such A Beautiful Bird (Time Twister Version)

Did I tell you there’s a new EP on the way? Well it’s true!

Three years ago, I started a project in hopes of inspiring some of my wonderfully musically talented friends to stop waiting for enough money and time to go to an actual studio to record themselves, and instead to take advantage of all the wonderful technology we have now and just do it themselves. The plan was to use the simplest means possible to record at home, document how it was all done, and at the end have a finished EP’s worth of songs pressed and distributed on CD.

Little did I realize the task was larger than my enthusiasm. I started recording a few songs, made a few video tutorials, and even made packaging plans with the help of Mauricio Carey, but found myself quickly running out of steam. The whole thing languished till this month when I felt the need to clear it out of my head, as it had been nagging at the back of it for too long and I needed to move forward unhindered by yet another undone thing.

So now it’s ready (view the Truman’s Hat Project), and will be available this Tuesday, May 1st in a limited, handmade and hand-numbered edition of 100 6-song EPs. Downloads will be available too of course, but will only contain 5 songs, leaving off a song called ‘Such A Beautiful Bird’…

Hey, that’s the name of the downloadable song in this post! Why yes it is Seymour, but it’s not the same version. Oh no. The one above was just recorded quickly today specifically for this post, and it’s a time-twister because it was recorded later than but released before the one only found on the CD coming out Tuesday. Got that? It’s a song for my birdling.

I hope you’ll check back Tuesday, or consider tuning into one of the following for more details as they arise:

Truman’s Hat Project Blog
The Marble Tea on Facebook
The Marble Tea on Twitter


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