Speaking or Listening?

Sunday, January 27th, 2013 @ 5:43 pm

Speaking or Listening

Here’s the second of my meditative experiments this year. The length is what I’ve been shooting for, I think, in that I’d like the pieces to be long enough for a quick refreshing of the senses, but not too long for a full-blown meditation (tho I’m hoping to go longer eventually anyway).

The idea for the title comes from those moments when you hear a voice in your head that gives you some type of direction or inspires an epiphany of some kind. Is that a voice that you’ve heard from a deeper & connected consciousness, or is it simply you speaking the thought inside your mind? I’d like to think the music provides a suitably calming situation in which one could contemplate that, and perhaps even find a path to the root of that question.

Happy drifting, dreamers….

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  • Carlton

    Very very good. The track can be excellent for meditation but also very god for deep chill music.

  • Thanks!