About the Marble Tea

KBJDrawing mandalas and watching Captain Kangaroo.

That’s pretty much what it’s like in here. Some laughter, some learning hopefully, and maybe a little levitation if we’re lucky. Oh, and some songs of course.

I’m basically just a guy who loves songs. I love listening to them and writing them. I also love arranging and recording them.

One great thing about the modern world is that I can indulge my loves all from the privacy of my own room, at virtually any hour of the day or night, thanks to a couple of guitars, a computer and a very small amount of gear. And, I can unleash them into the wild within minutes of the last note ringing out. Pretty fancy, eh?

So yes, I like to write and record. I have a fairly silly and spiritually curious disposition, so many of the songs here reflect that, while others do not. I have a hard time stringing and tuning guitars, so the implications of that may be apparent as well, but hopefully you’ll find some resonating vibration when you listen to these songs.

Lately, in addition to the songs posted monthly here and the ones found on my official releases, I’ve been composing music for some films and multimedia projects. I’m also the Resident Composer for New Mystics Arts,¬†and am in the midst of various little projects of my own that may or may not reach completion.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll have fun here…

Love ~ Knight Berman Jr

PS: That photo above was taken by Mauricio Carey in my little studio.

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