Did you know that the FTC is now requiring bloggers to let you know their relationship to companies whose products they review? I think that’s a good idea actually, and should apply to print media as well.

I don’t have any corporate sponsorships, nor do I receive any free products to review (though certainly I’d like to), but in the interest of full transparency I wanted to let you know that when I link to products from my blog I may be invoking some form of affiliate relationship which may lead to some small income for me. Most notably, these products would be through Amazon.com because I love Amazon.com for the most part, and they have nearly everything one could possibly imagine in their store.

Of course, this doesn’t add any cost to you, but should you buy something after clicking one of my links, it helps me out by providing a very small commission. Enough of those and I can afford to keep the free music here, as well as get new guitar strings and have a nice warm meal every now and then! So thank you for taking advantage of that.

I’d also like to say that I like my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with mayonnaise on them. Just so we’re clear.