Getting Started

30-Second Bio
I’ve got a Mac and a couple of guitars, and I’m writing & recording songs and posting free downloads every month. My debut CD, the I’m Batman EP, was selected as CD of the Year by the IndepenDisc Music Club in 2004. Lately I’ve been scoring multimedia stuff while continuing to release silly songs into a bemused Universe. No end in sight….

Musical Overview
In an attempt to streamline your experience here, I’ve grouped a few songs together below so that you can get a quick overview to help you decide if this is your sort of thing. If you like what you hear and want more, check out the Music page for instructions on finding the free music!

4 upbeat, fun songs:

4 slow, sombre songs:

4 slightly silly songs:

4 rather rockin’ songs:

4 instrumentals:

4 personal favs: