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77 Million Paintings

May 5th, 2013

Very excited to be seeing Brian Eno give an “illustrated talk” tomorrow in NYC. Unfortunately, the venue where the art installation is happening will be closed (what’s up with that?!), but this is a nice view of the work, along with some Eno commentary…

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and i will lay my love around you

January 28th, 2011

A Great Moving Wave of Bliss

…and sometimes the feeling prevails upon ’em so hard, beloved, that they just have to mount up on the stage and get to giggin’ with the band. ~ Cub Koda (Kings of the Party)

It’s been a while since I gushed about Brian Eno here, so the time seems about right.

They say that most songwriters have about three songs in them that they re-write over and over again in various incarnations and attire. This is probably true in most cases, and certainly true in many. Whether or not it’s true for Mr. Eno I’ll reserve saying, but I would like to propose that he basically has three styles of songs: the generally ambient instrumental works, the self-described idiot-energy bursts of spastic euphoria, and the nearly canticle vocal works that feel to me like caravans to a distant and often intangible world. (more…)

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baby’s on fire

April 4th, 2006

To the Lake

I’ve got a thing for Brian Eno.

It began several years ago when a fellow high school stoner brought over his vinyl copy of Here Come the Warm Jets, a record that – though having been released four years prior – was a new discovery in our endless search for music that “did it” for us, music that rose above the dreadful clatter of disco and the sensitive MOR that dominated mid-70s radio in central Alabama.

A million groups fit this bill at the time, one of them being King Crimson, and it was through reading about them (Robert Fripp, specifically) that my friend had happened upon Mr. Eno. So we put the record on and became infatuated with the strange sounds and rhythms. But even though “Baby’s On Fire” became something of a weekend battle cry for us, we perceived Eno as little more than the jester in the court of the Crimson King, not realizing he was actually more a Merlin whose sonic magic would prep our ears for the music in our future. He was duly noted, but not further pursued. (more…)

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